This is where I can get very real about 2012, and the period immediately following- up to 2020.

I will try my level best to be on WordPress every day.  Since I missed January 1, there will be two posts today.  That’s okay, since the government and the finance industry are calling this “New Year’s Day”, as well.

Here are the first goals that come to mind, for me as an individual this year:

1.  Restructure my financial portfolio, such as it is.  The first step has already been taken- the nest egg is in good hands.  Next, I’m switching from whole life insurance to a mix of  money ops, one of which is, of course, to make sure my survivors can bury me with dignity when the time comes.  Another is seed money, so that I might actually grow enough capital to pay back the people who are supposedly so egregiously wronged by the short sale of my home.  It may not happen quickly enough to satisfy the government of Arizona, but I believe fair is fair.  Besides, I wasn’t brought up to expect handouts without reciprocation. The rest will go to taking care of things like taking the course I need in order to continue teaching and counseling, and getting my passport- for those times when I might like to visit my fellow humans across an artificial border.

2.  Continue to update my family tree, at least on my father’s side.  I want to get in touch with more cousins during the next three months, and join Ancestry.com, to get further along the history train’s earlier tracks.  My uncle got as far as the 1600’s.

3.  Establish Prescott chapters of ChildHelp USA and Stand for Children.  The first organization cares for abused and neglected children.  The second, works on educational issues.

4.  My faith is very central to my being.  I’ve been told, bye the bye, that my assistance is desired on a higher level.  I will keep my time open, in case that actually turns out to be true.

5.  Those who know me, know that travel, the outdoors and human heritage are all very important to me.  These interests will continue to be honoured in 2012.  I’m hoping a cousin of mine will be in Arizona, later this month, and I will join him in Tucson, if so.  Otherwise, I’ll just boogie on down to Arizona’s First City at the end of the month.  Other places await, as the year unfolds.

2 thoughts on “2012

  1. Well, I finally found you. It will take me some time to get used to this place. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

    I admire your financial acumen. It is something I sorely lack. I am not in a good place financially, and I worry about the future. I had to raid the retirement in order to get my daughter through college and to survive. My employee retirement is practically nothing. I doubt I will ever be able to retire. You’ll see me at McDonald’s or at Wal-Mart as a greeter! LOL! It’s a shame that so many folk are hurting with their mortgages. Forget bailing out the banks, it’s the people who need help!

    I love seeing your love of history through your visits to various places in the US. Searching your family history should be pretty interesting! I know my dad has searched family history, but I don’t have a copy of what he has found. And someone on my mom’s side has traced our roots, which will be very interesting, since that’s all in Scotland. I need to get a copy of both!

    Gary, I hope you find your place in 2012. It’s a new path for you, a new journey without your Penny. But I take comfort in the fact that you feel her with you, guiding you. May the new year bring you many blessings.



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