About Face, Day 1: Smoke Is No Barrier

I did some thinking about Thursday, September 20- and my itinerary.  Vancouver, BC had beckoned, for quite some time.  I was to head up there yesterday.  Then came the  confluence of three fires in the Cascades above Wenatchee and Cashmere, WA.  Where there is smoke and fire, there needs to be spirit to counteract them.  A devotional meeting had been planned in the town of East Wenatchee for some time.  When I was told of it, on Wednesday morning, and saw the flames above Blewett Pass, the gathering became something I would not think of missing.  Vancouver, BC would wait until 2015.

So, I headed out yesterday, about noon, got the car serviced  in Issaquah, just east of Seattle and arrived in East Wenatchee at 5:15 P.M.  In between, was Nature’s fury.

We had all elements of a successful spiritual meeting last night- welcoming hosts, heartfelt prayers, a solid topic of focus, and a variety of age groups and perspectives.  Then, there was the 800 pound monster, hovering above us all.

The biggest impetus to praying and devoting spiritual energy towards curbing the excesses of nature is the presence of people like these:

The children created intense and detailed works of art, while adults discussed the nature of the soul and life after death.  They haven’t been in school for a week, due to the smoke.  More than anything else, the health threat to children and seniors is the biggest reason to do all possible to bring things back to normal in central Washington, or anywhere where there are natural disruptions.

People around Wenatchee said it is like the Mount St. Helens eruption, all over again.  I hope it doesn’t last anywhere near as long.  With hundreds of dedicated firefighters on this one, the hope has a good chance of coming true.

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