Northwest by North: The Learning, The Changes

More important than lists of places and acknowledgement of people, in the long run, is- “What did you get out of this trip?”  My wife would have asked that; in fact, she has, in the manner of spiritual thought.

There are three things I learned, between Sept. 6- Oct. 3.

  • I can navigate, without always relying on GPS.
  • There is always someone who will help me get where I need to be.
  • No matter how “end-of-the-line” a place seems, its people invariably are connected to someplace even further.

There are some ways in which I have changed, as a result of this journey.

  • I felt it easier to cry, when my spirit was deeply affected by memories of Penny or by the intense spirituality of a moment.
  • I was more flexible inside, when a message came to me to change my schedule or my itinerary.  I did not, once, grudgingly go along with changing circumstances, but rather embraced them.
  • Imagery, both waking and dreaming, was much clearer.  I could see into the future, as well as observe images more current.

Now, I am very pleased and honoured to take each item on the agenda handed me by the Universe, each day, and move forward to where this life journey is taking me, or where it’s having me stay.

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