I will start this now, and finish tomorrow, as my house will have no heat until tomorrow morning- meaning my first goal of the New Year is to restore what the old year took away, at the last minute.

Basically, my real goals are these:

1. Get the house ready for sale, starting in mid- March and continuing until it’s sold.

2.  Move my stuff, my son’s stuff and myself to a location closer to downtown Prescott.

3.  Continue my substituting work, my volunteer work and my Baha’i activities.

4.  Continue being available for my friends, as they need me.

5.  Hiking- Seven Falls and Kartchner Caverns (left over from 2013) within the next few days, after the heater gets fixed;    Black Canyon National Recreation Trail, in segments over the next three months; South Kaibab Trail, sometime in April; Big Bend, sometime in early May; Rocky Mountain National Park- either in June or September- because-

6.  I will go over to France and the Benelux region, either in June or September, depending on how soon this house sells.

7.  Two trips to Southern California are on the agenda:  March 20, and thereabouts, as Son embarks on a long voyage; and later in the year, most likely in July, from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara.

Everything else will unfold as it always does, on the spur of the moment.  A friend or two has indicated visits to AZ are possible, so I may play host again.

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