Stuff- February 13, 2014

Concerns- This house is now being listed for sale.  I will make my move towards downtown, sometime in March or April.

Type A people and I may never really understand, or trust, one another.  This will affect my attendance at a regular mid-week event, but life goes on.

I have two meetings this evening.  Either one, or both, could end up being a hair-raising, or hair-pulling, experience.

I don’t give a care if no one on Word Press reads my personal posts.  The posts will continue- mostly for my friends on Xanga and Facebook.  WP’ers, keep snoozing, just don’t snore too loudly- okay.

Sid- He was about the first TV personality to make me laugh.  So much of Sid Caesar’s comedy was situational.  This made it timeless. RIP, sir.



Vortex- Southland, you are surviving!  East Coast, hang in there.  You know what to do, and it’ll be gone soon.

6 thoughts on “Stuff- February 13, 2014

  1. When a WPer I don’t recognize follows my blog, I kind of ignore them. Whenever I have checked them out, they have been “professional” bloggers who benefit from having more followers. I have tried to keep my circle peopled only with old Xangans. I wonder when more of them will get tired of waiting for improvements over there?


  2. You may see me comment here as often as on Xanga, Gary — I tend to read WP from my email, and so more regularly than Xanga. Sorry to hear about the type A people — they need to recognize that there are other types in the world! I hope your meetings today don’t get to hairy!


  3. I hope your meetings will not make you want to pull your hair. You are a very nice person. Sorry to hear about your move. I keep company only with the Xangan’s I knew. I don’t know who follows me though.


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