Homefront Musings

November 17, 2014, Prescott- So, eleven days remain of one of the most productive years I’ve ever had.  2014 rates with 1972, 1982 and 1996, as years when I got enough things right, that the screw-ups and missteps that have sometimes threatened to define me, became mere background noise.  I won’t sum the year up, in terms of specifics, just yet.  That gets done on my birthday, which, as happens every so often, falls on Black Friday.

I don’t observe Black Friday, as I seldom visit shopping malls.  I barely observe Cyber Monday, and then, mainly to get gifts I wouldn’t dream of letting go unbought.  Most of my purchases will be from “Mom and Pop” stores, anyway:  Peregrine Books, Arcosanti Gift Shop, The Honeyman, Sam Hill Warehouse, Shannon’s Gourmet Deli.  Cerebral and muse-inspired trump the wan material.

I have been indulging a month-long Facebook campaign to post themed photos.  Today’s was “Cooking”, so I showed a quick dish:  Punjabi Curry, with Hot Portuguese Sausage.


Most of my days, of late, have been spent either in a classroom, or trying to preserve a school in which I have worked, on several occasions, for the past three years.  It escapes me that more energy is expended in securing funds for a new jail than for keeping schools open.  I understand they are funded from different sources, but it is still the result of the same misplaced thinking.

It’s cold, by Prescott standards- went down to 14, last night.   This afternoon, I drove a homeless man around, trying to find him shelter.  He settled on a place where he felt comfortable, and could be in out of the cold at least.  I found myself in that situation only once in my life, and couch-surfed in my cousin’s living room, just for a day or so.  That was many years ago, in the dead of a Maine winter.  Fortune led me to several months with a rambunctious, but caring, blended family of adults, young and old.

Any encounter with the disadvantaged reinforces just how well I have it now.  Physically, I’m alone, but my eternal love is always watching, and sending message waves.  Financially, I’m not wealthy, but I’m out of debt and living carefully in a cash economy.   Health-wise, regular exercise, daily use of essential oils, and good sleep habits keep me going, so at nearly 64, I don’t look a day over 62!  Socially, I have a varied network of friends, both online and real-time, and have been meeting new friends constantly.  I don’t go into a friendship with expectations, so the flow is amazing in its depth and width.

Each day, whether at home or on the road, seems to bring far greater opportunities for growth than I would have expected in the darkness of 2011. Let this remain the way.

9 thoughts on “Homefront Musings

  1. The food looks tasty. I’m couch surfing these days.
    I don’t observe Black Friday either. A happy birthday to you is definitely in order.
    I’m glad you had a good year!


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