May 10, 2016, Prescott

My thoughts go to a place called Xanga.

I’ve been informed that my subscription is over.

The ghost pieces that have built up there,

are to be the stuff of archives.


as that was a place I could reach out,

a place where I could learn to accept love from strangers,

a place where I could banter with snarky people,

and a place where I could deal with bullies and trolls.

My imagination ran free,

for the first time in a long while.

Many friendships were made,

many of them still thrive,

in real time.

Some were lost,

in the wake of culture wars,


upended relationships.

The wisps of thoughts,

long ago communicated,

as my truest love faded from life,

one hour, one day, one year at a time.

My cyberfriends joined our son,

in holding my hand,

keeping my mind intact,

helping my heart to heal.

As I write,

the cool presence of her spirit,

wafts over my hands,




15 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. My subscription ends at the end of the month. Paypal is the ONLY way to pay for more — I don’t have a Paypal account, and Paypal won’t accept the one time payment form that Xanga sent me. Xanga refuses to accept a check, or a phoned in credit card #. Any company that makes it that difficult to pay may deserve to die an ignominious death as the subscriptions end month by month. I’ve begun to duplicate my posts on WP, but still have hope that Xanga will survive. I do think you can continue your posts on WP — it’s different, but it does work!


      • I can’t believe that Xanga as a business makes it so hard to pay them! I’ll try WP, at least for a while — and keep after Eugenia. I’ll also continue to read Val, Crystal, SaintVi, and some others, and comment there, although it won’t be as easy to do!


  2. I hope it stays around. I wonder if my subscription expires? I got a lifetime membership. I guess I should go look. 😦 Hope you stay around too!


  3. Xanga and xangans changed my life in so many ways I never expected. It was a lucky thing to chance upon. But after a year or two, I like WordPress. It feels more balanced, lol.


  4. Xanga was my therapy, and a group of friends who stayed with me as I traveled. I miss it, though I still check in on a few of you from time to time. It’s like walking th fairgrounds, the day after the fair ended.

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