Father’s Day Weekend

June 18-19, 2016, Chula Vista-

Saturday and Sunday were among the best, most bonding days I’ve had with Aram, in a good long while, which is saying something, because we are tight, for two who live such separate lives, in neighbouring states.

It comes down to parenting never being a work of completion.  I bounced things off my Dad, every so often, until he was no longer physically here to approach, for that purpose.  He still makes his views known, though, and I am finally at the point where I sense he is happy with my choices.  I can say the same about my pride in my son.  He has established himself as a valued presence, though his current position is not his life’s work.

Saturday was a day for errands, so we went to the recycling station, which is actually not  from his place, contrary to what their website says. We also found a Michael’s, for some frames he needed.  I was pleased to have found one that fit an off-sized print he had.  Filippi’s, one of my A-List restaurants in San Diego, has a branch in Chula Vista, so we hopped on over there for a sandwich lunch.

Sunday was a scorcher, all over the continent it seems.  I got reports from friends in Ontario, in Florida and in the Midwest, of horrible temps.  We nonetheless enjoyed a forty-five minute revisit to Japanese-American Friendship Garden, in Balboa Park, with a concert featuring the world’s largest carillon pipe organ, in the background.

Given the heat which most people reading this endured yesterday, I present you with various scenes of running water.



The bonsai exhibit is an exception, but it endures with minimal watering.


Aram’s birth sign is water.  H2O has always been his friend.


Here’s a nice view of the Lower Garden pond, which opened in July, 2015.


The water filters along rocks, carefully placed along the downslope.


This mallard was more than glad to stand in pose.


Close your eyes, and imagine Old Japan.


Rocks and flowing water are staples of the Japanese garden.


Small cascades invite one to splash about; though that would be bad form.


Lilies are more common here, than they were a few years ago.


Just how deep are these rocks?

We were suitably inspired by the water scenes, to head straight for the Jamba Juice, in a Chula Vista shopping mall, near the harbour.  Copious amounts of refreshing liquid are always welcome to both our palates.

Dinner was, of course, a buffet- at Zorba’s Cafe, with all my favourite Greek dishes.  This time, though, we both “made do” with about half the offerings.  Less can definitely be more.

I will go philosophical in my next post, which is the 1,000th of this website.  Scenes of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea beachfront, and of San Elijo Preserve’s western lagoon, will help in this effort.  Stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend

  1. How wonderful to hear the carillon from the Japanese Garden!!! I would love to hear the carillon, which I’ve seen many times, but from the Garden it would be an extra special treat! And your photos are magnificent this time! A great Father’s Day indeed!


  2. ooo how i like to be opposite for a moment’s glee, imagine an iceberg and how little we see of it above? 😀 😀 😀 I’m surpised so often with bonzai tree, thereally are impressive so much later in their lives – it is always interesting to se that hit home. I am more esoterically reminded of cain and abel how so often it seems plants are pretty but take second banana seemingly to animals …scenery often getting the shrift for some wow wowow prancing by.. I’m also curious more of what you select at dinner rather than the just where because the why of it intrigues me – I might surprise some enjoying a eggplant parmesian far more than most fancy meaty dishes at the spendy italian outting that are a rare treat- frankly because it’s good. I was in Denver town littletoncentennial englewood central south and of all places to hit i ended at a chain Las Delicious – they never fail too badly and often are far more of a delight than most places- I contemplate something out of character for me not that I am not omnivorous, but sis commented this was NOT my usual go to for any mexican joint – a simple burrito of beef only smothered with lettuce no longer tomato or sour cream additionall just lettuce and cheese.- a: the taco meat is the same but if they did and they did get a soft tortilla it has a way of mimicking the taste feel of a stuffed sopapilla from a restaurant far more out of the way in northern western denver la cochinitas which offers those and such the same as most place same my old homestead’s little rodeo 2’s which while not offering the stuffed sopapilla offer sopes and or huaraches a corn dough shaped like fry bread and topped delightfully with a higher grade of salsa picante things in a nice colorful caddy of offerings the technical name is little rodeo 2 but it is losmesoneson that point a depressed area of west colfax near sloan’s lake to walk off the mexican lunch or dinner 😉 but as I said I return ye to the las delicious beef burittos, why? because it was purposely cheap/economic. I have spent 2 months with someone to me who is successful with money and is a spend thrift about it- I am not and am delighted that a weird here or there choice cheap never quit inconvenient but not too out of one’s way saves her sixty something a month which in a yearish was and is a very spendy for my budget grill. also the methodology behind tasks i cant remember in one go are all easily morning for less than an hour much of her day is achieved so within 3 the majority of the fires of her day’s priorities are completed not all the work but the rest is like water the grass with a lemonade in the shade not really work work – just a slight portrait here. the reason being is it intrigues me my new friend achieves what she does so many baby steps it’s second nature to her but almost fundamentally beyond anything I can dream up. so it’s not everyday out but nice things can be had and more importantly the freedom to enjoy judiciously…novel to me so I like food I eat enough of it thankfully so I was after the notion what’s wrong with WANTING an inexpensive still yet a complete treat? I picked something to mimick something of a true favorite and yet be completely new to me considering in twenty years of foodieing heavily I think i count zero beef burritos order bef and bean, bean bean and chicharones but zero beef burritos. hence some of my interest but the real interest in your dinner is if it was good and if so what was good mmm i probably want it where you say zorba’s lol.


      • Sensing a Slight TEASE of a breeze here 😀 it is a comfort on the days the sun aims at the earth it’s anvil. – do we rest here? no rest short on water and after this. how much of this is there? I do not know but however much there is it must be crossed before the next day’s sun is up – this is the sun’s anvil… lawrence of Arabia; 1962 with Peter O’toole. – which brings us to the next ism… Zorba’s from Zorba the greek with anthony quinn wasn’t it also of the LoA movie in a different roll. I know far less of that film as i could not finish it and it’s been too many years. which made me think…quinn the eskimo…the mighty quinn… only to see -General Commenti’ve heard that Dylan was at an acid party when Anthony Quinn complained about the noise. … – via a search heheheh likely balderdash but that would be amusing if true.
        this bring up a mini cooper for The Italian Job and a Lil Kitaro theme action for an OLD pbs special … as this episode is rather food rich, the next covers a reason why disillation may have came to the “west” but that’s the darkn castle so why shouldn’t alcohol be a part of that hahaha.. this one is covering the food, pictures of very tasty all natural vegetarian and otherwise eats. marco polo will get a mention as well. i use the silk road 03 as a search there is a twelve video collection listing the names but they do not all play but with the episodic names you can do as i did and re search. but 😉 chinese food from a media ism 😀 perhaps you’ll mexican with “the three amigos!” next or perhaps have yourself a shave ice over “memoirs of a geisha?” or pick a john wayne and crockpot up some anasazi’s?


  3. The photographs are awesome. And those little water falls are so welcoming. When my daughter and I came to San Francisco, I remember we visited a American Japanese park, and we were there for hours.
    I don’t know whether the place you took these photos are the same as where we were?


    • We were in San Diego, far to the south of San Francisco. Many Japanese-style gardens are amazingly refreshing and beautiful. There is one in Vancouver. I think Toronto also has one now.


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