The Fast: Day 5- Patience

March 6, 2018,Prescott-

The realm can try and exhaust, one’s patience.

In times of light and darkness, though, patience

is exactly what must be summoned.

Some young ones push their elders,

and one another, to the limit.

Others are pushed to their limits,

by their elders.

What does one do,

on a day of fasting,

when challenges are tossed about,

like water balloons?

It becomes meditation time,

reflection upon the whims and fancies

of his own youth.

Seeing the way forward

to be one of forbearance,

he returns from the meditation time,

that supplants lunch during the Fast,

and vows to neither be tested

by others or be a test to them.

4 thoughts on “The Fast: Day 5- Patience

  1. Meditation can put things into perspective and allow positive energy back into the heart and mind. Seems this week has been dumping snow and other negatives down my collar. Glad to know your coping mechanisms are up and running!! Hope the week has more opportunities for growth.

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    • Yesterday presented me with a novel situation. Both of my co-workers were out sick, so the girls and I led a couple of substitutes through the day. The students were a bit perturbed by their absence, but got over it pretty quickly.


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