Master Plans

January 24, 2021-

Quite a bit has been made,

in the Sour Grapes Society,

of the fact that none

of the major issues

confronting our country

have been solved,

when the new President has had

five whole days to get ‘er done.

I’d love to see one of these geniuses

solve even ONE of the issues

facing us as a nation,

in even five YEARS.

I know it is above my pay grade

to ever serve at anywhere

near the level of the Presidency.

So, I wish him the best,

and hold no grudges

that my third party candidate

of choice did not win.

Our country is far bigger

than any one man.

This is something

that his on-fire critics,

a good many of whom are immigrants,

would do well to remember.

Otherwise, submit YOUR Master Plan.

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