This page will feature the places, in each state or similar jurisdictional unit, that are ever in my heart and nurture my spirit.

Grand Canyon, from Mather Point, South Rim


First light, in the safe haven of the resisters, smelling the sweet juniper, keeping the secrets, Canyon de Chelly.

Given a misnomer, then rechristened for a hero rising above concrete, sand and urban heat, Piestewa Peak.

Built on several hills, with stairsteps taken, in tandem with ghosts, anchored by a Copper Queen, Bisbee.

Ever shimmering, whether in the heat of summer or the dew of winter, with a lushness many cannot fathom, the Sonoran Desert.

Rising above the long, wide plateau, with a snow white cap, for much of the year, green in spring and summer, golden in autumn, sacred for eternity, the San Francisco Peaks.

Abode of eagles, nourisher of the parched, divider of majestic canyon walls, connector of civilized peoples, the Colorado River.

Replenisher of flagging spirit, anchored by the courthouse, blessed by Thumb Butte, watched by Granite Mountain and the Mingus ridges, beloved Home Base, Prescott.

Watson Lake and Granite Dells,

Zeke’s and The Raven,

Bill’s Pizza and Two Mamas,

Cupper’s and The Palace,

Frannie’s and Rafter Eleven.

Macy’s and Late For The Train,

Synergy Cafe and Colt Barbecue,

Haunted Hamburger and Flatiron,

Yesterday’s, in Chloride,

Sipp Shoppe, in Winslow,

Japanese Friendship Garden,

Local Johnny’s and Big Earl’s,

Papago Park,

Sabino Canyon and Seven Falls,

Shugrue’s and London Bridge,

Quitobaquito and Palm Canyon,

Old Pueblo and Christina Taylor-Green’s Park,

Texas Canyon and High Desert Market & Cafe,

Boyce Thompson Arboretum and Tonto National Monument.

Kayla’s Hands Playground and Acker Park

Crossroads Cafe and Yavapai Sculpture Garden.

All is full, in Home Base Arizona.


Red Rocks, with powwows, and hikers newly drawn to their brightness,

Earl’s-where the locals eat,

Route 66, with many motels under renovation,

Coal Avenue, let the people know they still have dignity,

El Rancho, where cowboys and Indians did not fight,

lest they draw a raised eyebrow from Madame.


Lava beds, some still steaming,

A caldera, promising further action,

whilst hosting Scouts and families seeking quietude,

a sacred peak, to the north,

Sky City to the east.

those black rock rivers, to the south,

Top of the World, to the west.