I have been without the love of my life, strictly in the physical sense, for ten months now.  I say this because she is with me spiritually and psychically, every minute of every day.  Of course, she has plenty to do on the other side,but somehow a spirit can seem to do lots of things, simultaneously, or so it seems to me now.

I saw a photo of another friend’s late wife, on my other blog site.  It was from the late sixties, and like my Penny, she was gorgeous.  He has kept her in his heart, all these years, even though he was with another woman later, and had a family with his second wife.

I will be the same, come Hell or high water.  This leads me to those who don’t seem to value their wives.  I read a post from a young woman this morning, saying her husband ignores her, except to mock her speech, as if he were a tween boy.  Gott in himmel!

I can’t imagine a marriage where there are no differences of opinion, no moments when the two need a time out from each other.  Violence, whether physical, emotional or psychological, has no place in any adult relationship.  We try to teach our children that corporal punishment is a last resort, used only for the worst offenses, and not after a child has reached the age of reason- somewhere between 9 and 12, usually.

I digress, though.  Men have to be taught to talk things out, many times.  Penny helped me get the hang of it by the time we’d been married for four years.  I honestly did try from day one.  It just took time.

I have been approached by a few women, with varying degrees of aggressiveness, over the past three months, since settling in Prescott.  I mean no one any harm, but I am still in a year of mourning.  I will be anyone’s friend, but  I have one soul mate.  That I am not interested in more than a platonic relationship with anyone I know at the moment, does not reflect on the women in question, as people.  I wish each of them well in meeting a man who is ready, willing and able.

As for the future, this is the deal.  I believe that, in the hereafter, those who loved each other in this life will be partners for eternity.  Those who divorced, or never married, will still find a soul mate, somewhere in the spirit world.  There are, however, no third wheels.

What this means in terms of the rest of my life in this world is, if I meet a widow, between the ages of 40-60, who had a loving relationship with her husband, so that HE will be her soul mate in the next life, and she just wants my companionship in this one, it’ll be all well and good- AFTER my year of mourning is over.

Women are a blessing to men, and we ought to return the favour.  Be a blessing, not a burden.

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