Tucson’s Downtown and Old Pueblo

After visiting Bisbee and Tombstone, and enjoying the fare of High Desert Cafe and Market, and Screaming Banshee Pizza, both in Bisbee, I had a huge craving for good Mexican cuisine.  There is no better place for this than the area north of downtown Tucson, known as Old Pueblo.

I took some shots of downtown and its northern neighbour, then enjoyed fantastic  sopa de albondigas and a shrimp chimichanga, at El Charro, the Old Pueblo’s largest Mexican eatery.

Here is Tucson City Hall.

These are views of Pima County Courthouse.

These are four views of Old Pueblo.

I will return to Tucson in late April or early May, to visit San Xavier del Bac and Mount Lemmon.

5 thoughts on “Tucson’s Downtown and Old Pueblo

  1. Yo, Gary!
    I’ve never been to Tucson, although I did live in Sierra Vista for a couple of years. I like the looks of that Mexican Restaurant.
    I had Screaming Banshee pizza when I was in Bisbee, too.


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