FIsh Aplenty and Red Rock Eye Candy

  • Thursday was “Back to Sedona Day”, via Jerome and Page Springs.  I started with a crab cake croissant and grilled spinach, at Mile High Grill, in Jerome.  I featured this fine place in my post on the Ghost City, last Fall.

    That set me to finishing what I started last week, so the road led to Page Springs, at the juncture of the Verde Valley and Oak Creek Basin.  Page Springs is well-known for three things:  Wineries, John McCain’s “cabin” and two fish hatcheries.  I”m not into the first two,but I do appreciate fish hatcheries, and these two, Bubbling Ponds and Page Springs, help stock sport fishing lakes throughout central and northern Arizona.  If you do like wine, the Page Springs fare is said to be quite satisfying.

    Here a few shots of Bubbling Ponds Hatchery:



    A few miles further east, one comes to Page Springs Hatchery, run by the Arizona Department of Fish and Wildlife.


    Here, stock tanks were running in earnest.


    There is also a short nature trail, where Penny and I saw a wealth of birds, early one morning in September, 1983.

    I headed up to Sedona, having had my fill of ducks and stock tanks for one day.  Today’s goal was Chicken Point and Red Rock Chapel.

    Here are some more bits of Red Rock Eye Candy:




    As you might tell by the cars in a parking lot, I was getting close to Red Rock Chapel in the last frame.

    Here is a view of the chapel, which is a non-denominational facility.

    After this, I found the short cut back to my car was a route set aside by the Home Owners Association of Bell Rock Vista, through their neighbourhood.  Although the trails were crowded, I felt solitude, since none of the visitors to Sedona is much for talking.  If you visit, you’ll see why.



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