My Easter, and My April

I had a fine Easter breakfast  of Crepes Suzettes, with maple-flavoured bacon, hash browns and coffee, this morning at the American Legion Post.  There is always a meaningful conversation, or two, to be had with the Post brothers and sisters, even if some of it is about health issues.

Later today, I will pay last respects to an old friend.  Bruce was 89, had a form of dementia, and had lived a gargantuan life.  He made his own furniture, largely built his own home and had a way with both words, and money.  He made both of them count, for a lot.

Yesterday, I had a bit of Spring Fever.  I did take time to scout out the road, and the parking possibilities, for my upcoming hike up the last two major peaks in Yavapai County left for me to explore:  Mt. Union and Mt. Davis.  I will head up them on April 15, weather permitting.  When I got home, I napped, then took tea and worked on my education course.  I am pushing myself hard on this one, even though it is not all that much work.  I’ve been burned a few times, in my academic life, so each step, through each course, is a big victory over myself.

This coming week, I will present the video, “Education Under Fire”, in Chino Valley, a few miles north of here.  See, or watch the video on You Tube, and consider signing the petition on the website.  Also, see, for a similar view of what the issues are.  Basically, what government has the right to deny anyone an education?

Besides the above-mentioned mountains, my feet will take me to trails with such unassuming names as “Homestead”, “Ranch” and “Watershed”, at different times this month. More Sedona visits and a jaunt to the Colorado River are also near at hand.  Work, and my course, are primary priorities, though.

Hope one and all had a Happy Easter, Chag Pesach Shameach or just a blessed Sunday.

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