Southern California, Trip 2: Los Rios Historic District.

Down the street from Mission San Juan Capistrano and a block to the west, across the Coastliner  train tracks, lies Old Capistrano- aka Los Rios Historic District.  This reminds me of old sections of other cities founded by the Spaniards in the Southwest- a mini- La Villita or Viejo San Diego.

I spent about an hour walking about the shops and back streets of this comfortable town.  First, it’s necessary to cross at a five corners.

We entered Los Rios, just across the tracks and near the train station.


Then, we were welcomed into the historic district.


My first stop was the coffee house.


The  house was originally that of this lady, who worked hard to preserve Los Rios.


I walked a bit further around the plaza, after savouring a cup of white chocolate mocha.


Walking a bit north from the plaza, I came upon a bric-a-brac shop.  These seem to be all over the old Spanish towns.  I saw several in Laredo, and three in Mesilla.  SJC had just one.


Coming back onto the plaza, I saw the house of Lupe Coombs, who helped Mrs. Olivares in the preservation efforts.


I ended my visit to Los Rios Historic District by checking out Casa Montanez, a California adobe home.


It was time for me to depart the 18th Century, and head into the ebb and flow of the LA Basin.

I got as far as Placentia, and the relative luxury of a Marriott Residence Inn.  Tomorrow would belong to the 20th Century, and the story of Richard M. Nixon.

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