Father’s Day, 2012, in Sedona

I went to Sedona today, on a whim.  In 1983, Penny and I climbed a mountain called Wilson Mountain.  It is about 1.7 miles northeast of Sedona proper, just across a span called Midgely Bridge.


This being Father’s  Day in Sedona, of course I parked by the side of the road.


The majestic red rocks of Sedona speak for themselves.  I will not interrupt.



Wilson Mountain trail itself wends away from the red rocks and is a sun-drenched, rugged high desert mountain hike.  For this reason, as I had started late, due to a morning some commitment, I stopped at the saddle and leave the crest for another time.  I did this with some nudging from the angel on my shoulder.  She indicated she would not be happy with me if I over-stressed myself.  That would have made two of us.


Still, it was a fine 5.4 mile round trip, and took me through some amazing country.


Above, one can view Oak Creek Canyon from the trail.


This rock formation lies midway up South Wilson Mountain

The flowering agave, below, is the tallest I’ve seen.


Here is what remains for me to explore here, on a slightly cooler day, maybe in early November.


After retracing my steps down Wilson Mountain trail, I looked down a bit at the coolness of Oak Creek and its canyon.


While I waited my turn to view Oak Creek at the overlook,   a family from the Caribbean made a short video.  As a token of gratitude for my waiting, the father of the family took this:


This was a fine Father’s Day, topped off with a Tuscan Tuna Salad and Mango Frappe at this fine establishment:


Canyon Breeze’s back patio gives a lovely view of  the red rocks, while one savours its delicacies.

Hope all my fatherly readers had a great day.

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