My Fatherly Journey, Day 3: July 8, 2012

Since Aram had today off as well, we made plans to attend a spiritual discourse by a Baha’i scholar from Malaysia, at the San Diego Baha’i Center, then go to La Jolla and see how many seals were spending the summer here.

The talk was on the subject of spiritual progress, both in this life and after death.  We believe one does impact the other, and that there is a connection between this world and the next.


After 2 1/2 hours of spiritual nourishment, we found ourselves looking about La Jolla for an equally satisfying lunch.  We found it readily, at The Brick and Bell Cafe.  The ladies go all out, with the quality of their food and the efficiency of service.  It’s a small place, but they managed to serve about 40 people, in the half hour or so that we were there.


We walked down to the shore and spent equal parts of time looking down on the ocean and surveying the seal population- most of which was in the surf, hunting.  Aram expressed happiness at having been introduced to this beach.


The white spot in the background indicates where a seal is near the surface.


The surf was not disappointing to either man or seal.


The rocks never are a letdown for our flippered friends.


After this, we went up to Torrey Pines State Beach.  Aram chose to delve further into a book he is reading, while I went into the surf a bit.  I have photos of Torrey Pines posted on my March, 2012 album on La Jolla.


We ended the day with light and satisfying entrees at the TGI Friday, in the Gaslamp Quarter.   It was time for Aram to head back to base, and prepare for another week.  I stayed at Parkside Inn for one more night, with a Baha’i holy day observance scheduled for the Center at noon on Monday.

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