Labor Day of Love

No, I’m not about to imitate Suggestive Tongue.  This Labor Day weekend was  platonic, and a fair amount spiritual.    Eros is on vacation elsewhere, as yet.

No matter, though; I spent Saturday cleaning up the front yard of my Phoenix property and making sure all was well with the house itself.  I also went around the Valley in pursuit of an item needed by  a friend.  It took until Monday morning, but the search ended successfully, online.  I also had lunch at one of my favourite spots en route to/from Phoenix- Rock Springs Cafe.  Like many restaurants, they were getting jammed up big time, with holiday travelers so abundant.  I took my spot at the counter, placed my order, drank my coffee from a disposable cup-it WAS that crowded, had my first order on burnt toast delivered by the food runner.   It was promptly taken back by the waitress, and a suitable sandwich came my way moments later.

Sunday started out, well and good.  I got to Mingus Mountain picnic area ten minutes  after the appointed meeting time.  This irritated the self-appointed time keeper, but everyone else was laid back.  We drove further in, about five miles on a rutted, four-wheel drive worthy road, to the trailhead for Jeronimo’s Cabin Trail.

A half hour later, up a moderately steep incline, we arrived at the abandoned gem.

We poked around the cabin for about twenty minutes, before heading back down.

The three dogs who were along also made the most of the occasion.

After this outing, we found the cool and restful patio of Alice’s Restaurant, in Jerome, AZ.  The celebrated Ms. Brock doesn’t own this one, but the owner IS named Alice, and the food is well worth the drive.

Here are the entrance, and the patio.

After a delicate and satisfying shrimp and crab flatbread, and a slice of chocolate cake, the latter shared by nine of us, I bid farewell to my hiking and dining friends, and took a three-hour break.

Sunday evening saw a birthday barbecue and jam session, in honour of a long- time friend, Marcia.

Her husband, Carl, is the consummate grill-master and a top-notch musician.  His band kept our feet tapping, and some of us accompanying on drums, for over an hour.

Today capped the weekend with relish, as I went to a noon barbecue at my American Legion Post, in Prescott, then cast a critical eye at the documentary, “2016:  Obama’s America”.  I march to my own drummer, politically, as in much else, so I came away not exactly overwhelmed by the film’s message.

Labor Day weekend’s most important events were those where we were able to bring joy to one another’s hearts.

* NOTE:  Photos of Alice’s Restaurant are from

3 thoughts on “Labor Day of Love

  1. Having interested my 11 year-old daughter in the wonders of the outdoors and at least peripherally in history, I try to keep her interest by planning weekend outings with interesting destinations and high points. I’d like to show her Jeronimo’s Cabin one day, if you think someone of her age could manage the hike. We’d be coming from the Cottonwood side of Mingus Mountain. Could you give us specific directions? Thanks much, Anthony Sperka.


    • This morning, I received a phone call, with these directions:
      From the Prescott USFS staff archaeologist: ” Take HWY 89 to Mingus Mountain Campground. Drive 1 1/2 miles to FR 413 and turn right. Go 2 1/2-3 miles on 413, until you are about 1/4 mile past a burnt tank. Park and walk in a northeasterly direction, up an abandoned jeep track, along a drainage wash, until you see the cabin.”
      Hope this helps, Anthony. I think this hike will be quite enjoyable for you and your daughter. As with any abandoned building, watch for snakes and arachnids.


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