Northwest by North, Day 2: September 7, 2012

I woke at my usual time, 6 A.M., in the Barbarella Room, at Atomic Inn.

While waiting for the coffee to be ready in the motel office, I took a stroll around downtown Beatty, and found these tidbits:

Downtown Beatty, NV

I moved on northward, about 10 A.M., and stopped periodically to look at the scenes of the Great Basin, and the mountains which hem this high desert in.

The small mining town of Goldfield lies about an hour north of Beatty.  It has public buildings of native stone, and businesses typical of a Western mining community of the early 20th Century.

Goldfield also has a fine public park, a bit off the beaten path, on the north side of town.  This was a fine place to have lunch and read today’s Las Vegas Sun.

Moving right along, I took this shot, just north of Scotty’s Junction, which leads to Death Valley National Park.  Notice the striations going  horizontally, across the mountain’s face.

My last stop, before Reno, was at Walker Lake, just north of Hawthorne, NV.  Here are two scenes without reflections, and one with the images of the surrounding terrain.

That was my journey for the day.  I arrived at the Smith residence in Reno, a little after 6 P.M., and spent a happy evening catching up on a dozen years of old times, since we had seen each other last.

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