The Roads, The Trails and Me: Part 2, The Next Fourteen Months

I spent part of this afternoon walking a segment of the Constellation Trail, in Granite Dells, that I had not hiked before.  (I went sans camera, so rest assured I will be on that path again soon.)  This was a time meant for attention to detail and reflection.  It meant frequent sitting and thinking.  Among the things that came to mind were my friendships, the structure of this planet-both material and social, and the resemblance of rock formations to characters, both real and imagined.   I thought of friends here, in Tucson and in the Northwest.  I thought of the solidity and fluidity of rock, water and social institutions like the family.  I saw rocks that resembled Jabba the Hut, a kissing pair of dogs, a fish whispering to a whale and Buckingham Palace.

If I had no other reason to visit nature, this would be sufficient.  Now, let me get back to nuts and bolts.  Earlier today, I made arrangements to fly to Boston on Nov. 17 and return on Nov. 29.  This will be my first New England Thanksgiving in almost 32 years.  Having made that plan, let me set in motion the rest of 2012 and the year ahead.

Most of my time will actually be here in AZ, with Baha’i, Red Cross, American Legion and various other friends, in addition to work- which resumes next week.  My journeys out of state over the next fourteen months, look like this thus far:

November 17-29 :  Boston area, with 2 day visit to New Jersey (24th and 25th).

December 24-29 :  San Diego, Crystal Cove, Catalina, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Palm Springs tram.


March 9-17:  New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

June 1-8:  Colorado

July 5-9:  Aram’s birthday; so, wherever he is.

July 14- September 15:  Start- Devil’s Tower, WY. Key stops: Harney Peak, Mt. Rushmore and Pine Ridge, SD; Pipestone and the Twin Cities, MN; Ice Age Trail, Stevens Point and Milwaukee, WS; Chicago; Indiana Dunes; Fruitport, Sleeping Bear Dunes and Pictured Rocks, MI; Manitoulin, Toronto and Ottawa, ON; Montreal, Quebec and Gaspesie, QB; Northern New Brunswick, Saint John and Fundy National Park, NB; Pictou region and Cape Breton, NS; Newfoundland; Prince Edward Island; Acadia National Park, Boothbay and Eliot, ME; the Boston area ( Family stuff and my Mom’s fifteenth consecutive 40th birthday!); New York City; northern New Jersey ( More family stuff); Cape May, NJ; Philadelphia and Gettysburg, PA; Louisville area; western Illinois; Des Moines; Doorley Zoo, Omaha; then back home, through Kansas, the OP and New Mexico.

This is, as we all know, subject to expansion (unlikely) or contraction(always possible).  Stops in between, here and there, are sometimes advisable, for the good of the order.

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