This Janus Moment- Looking Back

2012 was several steps in the right direction for yours truly.  I viewed a video this evening about a girl who was visited by an angel, while she was in the hospital and at death’s door.  There is video footage of a bright, winged being, which cannot be explained by window light being reflected, as there are no windows or skylights in that part of the hospital.  I include this digression because, so often over the past twenty-one months, and especially this year, I have made split-second decisions based on messages which come to me instantaneously.  I have done things that I was not even remotely thinking of doing, but which redounded to my immediate benefit.  I know my beloved is right at my side, 24/7.

Let me look back at 2012:

January- New Year’s hike on Mingus Mountain; read The Third Alternative, by Stephen R. Covey, who would die later this year; worked at substituting; visited Wickenburg.

February- Bought solar oven; visited Tucson, Bisbee & Tombstone; celebrated Arizona’s Centennial; climbed Piestewa Peak and Camelback; hiked the eastern segment of White Tanks; enjoyed the music of Kevin VonderHeydt, in concert; revisited many parts of the Verde Valley; climbed Vulture Peak;  welcomed Aram back to dry land, from his first deployment; toured his ship and the USS Midway, in San Diego.

March- Visited:  San Diego Maritime Park;Julian;La Jolla; Laguna Beach andTorrance (to see friends); La Brea Tar Pits and LACMA; Los Angeles and San Diego Baha’i Centers; Ontario, CA (see more friends); Presented the video, “Education Under Fire” at Prescott Public Library and at Yavapai College; took training in First Aid and CPR at Phoenix Red Cross; attended “Oneness of Mankind Day” Music Festival at Old Tucson; visited with my brother and  sister-in-law during their Tucson trip; spent time with Aram in Phoenix; trained in Disaster Services, with the Red Cross; renewed my US passport; worked on my Phoenix property; hiked Thumb Butte; visited  Orme Farm, an organic establishment near Dewey, AZ.

April- Attended “Americanism” awards ceremonies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in Prescott; bid farewell to Baha’i friend Bruce Von der Heydt; presented “Education Under Fire” at Chino Valley Senior Center and at Prescott  College;  visited sites in Camp Verde and Sedona; discovered the lushness of Badger Springs, northeast of Black Canyon City;  had our first Baha’i cluster meeting.

May- Paid off a huge outstanding debt; attended a Yavapai College concert; attended an Americanism awards ceremony at Prescott High School; visited family and friends in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas; hiked around Boulder, Mt. Sunflower,KS, Black Mesa, OK, Palo Duro Canyon and Pedernales Falls, TX;  reveled in the historical sites of Fort Worth, Austin; San Antonio  and Laredo; discovered South Padre Island; presented “Education Under Fire”, one more time at Prescott Public Library; finished reading Harry Potter series.

June- Attended graduation party for John Bradley;received Medal of Valor, from Prescott-Yavapai Nation; commemorated our 30th wedding anniversary in San Diego, South Carlsbad Beach and Julian; visited Dana Point and Laguna Beach;  visited the Nixon Birthplace and Presidential Library; attended the 50th anniversary of the Pine Springs Baha’i Proclamation, near Houck, AZ; hiked Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon; attended Bellemont Baha’i Summer School.

July- Celebrated Aram’s birthday, in San Diego; visited Santa Ysabel and Palm Springs, CA; joined Cowboy breakfast at Goldwater Lake; attended first “Nights of Enlightenment”, at Phoenix Baha’i Center; finished reading Books 1-5, in “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

August-  Attended Star-Gazing Party, at the Bradleys’ residence; joined GMO-Free Prescott;  attended American Legion Post Picnic, at Watson Lake; added Chino Valley USD to my substituting roll.

September- Attended Prescott Red Cross Open House; visited family and friends in Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Colorado; attended Commemorations of ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s visits to San Francisco, Oakland, Salt Lake City and Glenwood Springs, CO; camped in the Coastal Redwoods and Washington’s Ozette region;  revisited San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill, Portland, Crater Lake, and Seattle; discovered Point Reyes, the Lost Coast, Point Coquille, Sea Lion Caves, Oregon Dunes, Cape Flattery, Forks, WA, Wenatchee(and its fire-ravaged areas), Goldendale, WA, Rogue River Gorge, Ashland, OR, Mt. Shasta, Lassen Volcanic NP,  and Colorado Springs .

October- Visited Wolf Creek Gorge, CO; joined Baha’i Unit Convention, in Flagstaff; drove a friend to/from Algodones, BCN; attended concert at Macy’s in Flagstaff; attended Health & Wellness Fair in Bagdad, AZ; attended Red Cross training in Phoenix; began extended Baha’i group study; joined Red Cross Make-a-Difference Day  event, in Glendale; joined Junior Youth Hike at Sabino Canyon, Tucson.

November- Attended Anti-Bullying talk at Yavapai College; joined Veteran’s Day Parade;  visited family and friends in Saugus, MA and Bedminster, NJ; revisited Salem and Boston’s Freedom Trail; turned 62.

December- Had topical skin surgery; attended Grand Opening of Scottsdale Baha’i Center; attended Willow Creek Gardens Christmas Party;  co-hosted Baha’i Cluster Meeting; visited with Aram in Prescott and Phoenix; attended Grand Canyon Baha’i Conference; joined memorial service for an area Baha’i.

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