July 16, 2013- Boulder Canyon

Now it’s time to focus on all I have seen, since I left the blessed Front Range two weeks ago.  I headed for Glenwood Springs, where my friend Mitchell Silas works during the week.  After driving through Boulder Canyon, from Longmont, where I had spent the night after visiting my uncle and a friend, I stopped for lunch at Nederland, enjoying the fine buffet at Kathmandu Restaurant.  Here are some scenes of Boulder Canyon, below the Falls.

SAM_5261   SAM_5264

SAM_5266   SAM_5267

Atop the canyon lies Nederland, a delightful town with several shops and restaurants, and Barker Meadow Reservoir.


SAM_5276     SAM_5277

Once well-fed at Kathmandu, with plentiful North Indian and Nepalese cuisine, I headed towards Central City, Black Hawk and Glenwood Springs.

8 thoughts on “July 16, 2013- Boulder Canyon

  1. I have friends who live in Carbondale, just outside Glenwood Springs. It’s gorgeous country through the canyon on the western side of the divide, and it looks as lovely in these photos (of the eastern side?).!


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