July 17, 2013: Rifle Falls and Caves

The northwest of Colorado is somewhat drier than the Rocky Mountain core.  Even so, the rivers run at a credible clip, and the occasional waterfalls are well worth an hour or two.  Rifle Falls has three such waterfalls and a series of limestone caves occupies the area underneath the falls.  I spent ninety minutes on the morning of July 17, casually walking the trail to the top of Rifle Falls and exploring the caves along the bottom of the trail.

I begin with scenes of the plateau leading into the Rifle Gap.

SAM_5295 SAM_5297


The falls and caves lie just east of Rifle Gap State Park.

SAM_5303      SAM_5307

Here are more scenes of the caves, which are quite delicate, and would not make safe hiding places- though that would be tempting, in a pinch.

SAM_5308  SAM_5312

SAM_5317  SAM_5318

I climbed up to the top of the falls, along Coyote Trail, and learned that a private entrepreneur had built a hydropower plant, of sorts, and a tourist attraction, in the 1890’s.

SAM_5327   SAM_5328

SAM_5336   SAM_5337                                                       SAM_5334

Above is a remnant of the hydropower facility.

Rifle Falls set the tone for a rather happy day, that Wednesday.

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