The Grand Tetons

I passed through gleaming, clean-as-a-whistle Jackson, stopping briefly at the Visitors Center, to inquire about WiFi, so that I could check for messages from a friend.  I was politely directed to the first Visitors Center in the Grand Teton region.

So, on I went, and learned later that I needed to hone both my intuition and my communications skills.  Nonetheless, the scenery en-route is both a tonic for the soul and a challenge- as if the mountains are saying ” Do you think you are a seasoned hiker?  Come play with us, big boy!”

SAM_5401   SAM_5402

SAM_5403   SAM_5404

SAM_5409     SAM_5410

The Tetons are formidable, but are punctuated by the meandering Snake River.    SAM_5406      SAM_5408

Little old me continued on the path to insight and enlightenment, though the wind made my t-shirt balloon out a bit.

SAM_5405                                                                                              The columbines, however, were not disturbed.


Grand Teton, though, is not a long park, north to south.  I found myself in the behemoth that is Yellowstone National Park, in very short order.

My Yellowstone visit will be covered in three posts:  The bison herds to Shoshone Lake;

West Thumb and Yellowstone Lake; The Absaroka and Buffalo Bill State Park.

I left happy, but with a strange feeling that something was amiss.

6 thoughts on “The Grand Tetons

  1. We didn’t get a chance to hike in the Tetons, but they are certainly beautiful. At one stop, I got stupidly close to a bison for which I got a scolding from Hubby. Good photo, though. Yellowstone is one of my favorite National Parks.


  2. You always go to very beautiful places! You’re so blessed to be able to do that. Thank you for always sharing your experiences and the places you go to. Great pictures! 🙂


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