Yellowstone, Part 2: Geysers, but No Grizzlies

I got my geyser fix this time, without going up to Old Faithful.  The active forces of West Thumb Geyser basin were in full force, on the afternoon of July 18.

SAM_5433   SAM_5434

SAM_5435  SAM_5436

At the end of the show, there remained the blowhole, with promise of more, later.


The shores of Yellowstone Lake are known for attracting grizzly bears, during times of plentiful fish.  I saw none, that afternoon, but the water itself was as inviting as the grand lake’s western counterparts.  Here are some scenes of West Thumb.

SAM_5431   SAM_5432

The northwest and far north shores of Yellowstone Lake are bisected by the mouth of the Yellowstone River.

SAM_5438    SAM_5439

SAM_5441    SAM_5446

Even here, well east of the Geyser Basin, there is geothermal activity.

SAM_5442    SAM_5444

Once past the lake,there were still no bears, but there is Grizzly Peak.


There are also dunes, about a dozen or so.


The North Fork of the Shoshone River formed a border, of sorts, between Yellowstone and the more arid scenes of the North Absaroka Wilderness.  It was running rather shallow on that Thursday evening.


Next:  The Absaroka, Buffalo Bill State Park and Cody

12 thoughts on “Yellowstone, Part 2: Geysers, but No Grizzlies

  1. Lamar Valley is a great place to look for bears and wolves, so that is were I typically find myself. These are awesome pictures of Yellowstone Lake. I will definitely have to check it out next time I’m up there.


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