Shell Canyon and Its Falls

July 19 was a roller coaster of a day.  After the desolation of the fossil beds, Shell Canyon appeared, to take me up to the plateau where I would take a licking, and decide to go on ticking.

Shell Canyon has its share of fossils, whose beds are marked along the way.  It rivals several of Arizona’s and Utah’s canyons, in elevation gain and in the intimacy of its scenic pullouts.  There are several more scenes of this area, than what I usually post.  Shell Canyon is just that awesome, underrated as it is.

SAM_5468   SAM_5469

SAM_5470   SAM_5471


Two-thirds of the way up, I found the centerpiece of the preserve:  Shell Falls.  Here are scenes from the eastern side and middle of the falls view trail.

SAM_5480  SAM_5481

SAM_5483  SAM_5484

SAM_5485  SAM_5490

The water leaves iron-tinged lichen, when it recedes.


Now, back to the main attraction.  These views are from the western side of the trail.

SAM_5495     SAM_5498

SAM_5499    SAM_5502

SAM_5504   SAM_5505

Shell Falls has a lovely interpretive center, which features information about the various fossil finds, as well.

This forty-minute stop gave me peace of mind, to face the music which I knew I had to hear, and would, at Elk View Inn.

Next:  The Road to Medicine Wheel.

13 thoughts on “Shell Canyon and Its Falls

    • I had vertigo, until I went up on the Space Needle last September, and forced myself to go on the very safe outer ring of the Observation Deck. It has somehow faded away, though I know that’s not how it is for many people.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Ever thought about making prints etc for all your beautiful pictures to sell? These are amazing! You get vertigo, too? I get that when I look up or when I look at high places, even in pictures if you can believe that. I take Meclizine and it helps a lot. I hope you’re feeling better now. Love and hugs! ❤


    • I used to have vertigo, not anytime recently, though. I will work on creating prints in October and November. I think many people would enjoy some of these scenes. Have a great rest of the weekend, Sandra.


      • Glad you haven’t had it recently. I haven’t either but I get paranoid sometimes and take Meclizine when I feel just a little dizzy for no reason.

        Awesome! I’ll bet you’ll make beautiful prints. I am sure people will enjoy them.

        My weekend isn’t going well, sadly. I am gonna blog about it in a minute. Thank you, Gary! Hope you’re having a great weekend, too!


      • I will look for your post, Sandra. I am sorry things didn’t go well this weekend. Remember that you are a fine human being, and that, despite setbacks, your overall life will work out as it should. That is one of the meanings of the verse that I put on Soul Travelers this afternoon.


      • Thank you, Gary! Your words are so kind and uplifting. You make me smile! 🙂 I enjoy your posts on there, too. You always know what to say. Blessings! ❤


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