A North American Spiritual Arc,Part 4: The Northern Bear Lodge

It was a kind, and delightful, suggestion made by the KOA counter lady, that sent me north, through Hulett and Aladdin, rather than east through Sundance, as I had originally planned.  These are solid little towns, with tough, but friendly people, and good stories to tell, as communities.

Hulett has a couple of fun little cafes and a kickass shop- Rogues Gallery.  It brings in Native American art from as far afield as the Arizona reservations, and has plenty of local stuff as well.  Just outside town, one sees the rolled bales of hay that are common to the upper High Plains.


Then, we come to Rogues Gallery.

SAM_5590    SAM_5591

I had to buy SOMETHING here, so I got a little ceramic bear.


After bantering with the shop clerk for a while, about Indian art and cowboy culture, I had to choose between the two restaurants nearby.

SAM_5594    SAM_5595

I chose Hitchin’ Post, as that’s where my car was parked.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The teen waiter seemed a bit befuddled, but he got the order right, and there was enough lunchtime camaraderie that I felt I had grown up here.


Once lunch, and the tall tales, were finished, I headed out through the Bear Lodge Mountains.  These would be a worthy destination, in and of themselves.


A few miles or so later, the genie presented me with- Aladdin, the village.


The Aladdin Store is ready for anyone.


I’ve seen a similar sign, in Tombstone, AZ, aimed at politicians.  I was welcomed, as is, given a free cup of coffee and purchased a jar of pickled okra.  I understand, from my friend in Oklahoma, that the contents of the jar were quite tasty!

Outside Aladdin, a mile or so, east, lies Aladdin Tipple Historic Park.  I will show that, next.

8 thoughts on “A North American Spiritual Arc,Part 4: The Northern Bear Lodge

  1. Smiling at your purchase of the bear. I love how you meet the locals so easily and fit right in. Always nice to hear of the friendly portions of your wanderings.


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