A Brief Diversion Along A Spiritual Arc: The Aladdin Tipple

No, it’s not THAT kind of diversion.  I don’t take alcohol, and this is not that sort of “tipple”.  Aladdin was a coal-mining community, and a tipple is a system for sending coal down a hillside.   Aladdin Tipple is no longer in use, but it is preserved by Crook County, WY, as an historical place.  Informational signs are placed appropriately, so we may know this aspect of our heritage, whether one likes the idea of burning coal or not.

Here are some views of the equipment that is preserved in the park, 1 mile east of the Aladdin Store.


SAM_5604  SAM_5603

SAM_5605   SAM_5606                                                                        SAM_5607

A short climb up the stairs brings one to the top of the sluice, now being reclaimed by nature.


This was Wyoming’s swan song, for this trip.  I will be back in the Equality State, someday soon.  It has given me more than I can ever repay.  Now, on to South Dakota- the Spiritual Arc leading through the Black Hills, to Black Elk Peak and Crazy Horse Monument.  An iconic diversion will be covered:  Mount Rushmore.   We will consider the brilliant prairie sunsets, Corn Palace and decaying farm structures, as well as the openness and camaraderie found in small wayside cafes.  The human warmth found in a town named for one of  America’s most controversial military commanders also radiates well for the Artesian State.

Thank you, Wyoming, for honing my spirit.

6 thoughts on “A Brief Diversion Along A Spiritual Arc: The Aladdin Tipple

      • Like your new graphics!…..
        There are times I’m not sure what my “heritage” is. My mother was born in Oklahoma of German/Scottish parents, but then moved to the Texas Panhandle when she was a young adult. My dad was from an English family that grew up in the Texas Panhandle. before I was born my parents moved to South Texas where culturally Hispanic, but politically run by the Anglo minority. I really don’t feel close to any one of those cultures. How can one “value” a heritage they don’t feel close to? Feeling like an outsider, no family members are left in so Tex….they all moved north to the Austin area. Would I fit in the Austin weird?….maybe more there than anywhere else?


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