I drove into South Dakota, around noon on Saturday, July 20.  Stopping in the town of Belle Fourche (“bel foosh”), I found the Information Center closed, and moved on, past Spearfish, to South Dakota’s rendition of a town too tough to die:  Deadwood.  There was certainly lots of life there, that sunny afternoon.  A shootout re-enactment was going on, uptown, and children were being given the chance to be “sheriff’s posse”.

SAM_5611 SAM_5613   SAM_5614   SAM_5615

As always happens in Deadwood, the situation was resolved with a meeting of the minds.  Please note, I heard no cussing that day. Al Swearingen must still be away on other business. Main Street was a bit quiet, beyond that point.  No matter; I was concerned with getting to Main Street Espresso, and Wifi.   Along the way, I spotted the site where Wild Bill Hickok was shot, in 1876.  Sheriff Bullock’s hotel is also still prominent.

SAM_5617   SAM_5619

After a refreshing frappe and some time catching up with my world, I said farewell to Deadwood, and headed on towards the heart of the Black Hills, past Pactola Reservoir. SAM_5620  SAM_5623   SAM_5625

The fisherfolk were out in abundance that day, but I kept my camera lens off them, so they could concentrate on the important stuff.

Next:  Heart of the Black Hills, Part 1:  Black Elk Peak’s North Slope

10 thoughts on “Deadwood

  1. Nice pictures. I was disappointed in Deadwood. It’s basically a casino with a little historic stuff thrown in. A lot like Cripple Creek in Colorado. The little town nearby (I don’t remember its name) with the world’s biggest gold mine or open pit mine was a little more interesting.


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