I am sharing this one on Facebook, as well.  I have many friends on that medium, and other sites, who are in a very tender emotional state, for reasons of their own.  When they take a risk and share their grief, which, by the way, they don’t have to do, they are sharing the most private areas of their life experiences.  I love a good many of these people, as if they are my own family.  I believe, to the core of my being,  that we each have a bounden duty to follow the Golden Rule, with regard to one another and with regard to our expectations of ourselves.  I have several snarky friends, who are mostly of good sense, in honouring people who are clearly in a dark place, emotionally.  If they can be civil, so can every one else.

10 thoughts on “Civility

  1. I am sorry that there are people who would not understand the gravity of another human beings sorrow and would not respect. I know there are people like that, and they are everywhere. This is a good reminder Gary.


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