Black Elk Peak, Segment III: Playtime on the Summit, then Back Down

There were quite a few people on different parts of Black Elk Peak’s summit, on July 21:  The usual college-age guys posing for photos, on the most seemingly inaccessible rocks; the young ladies, sun-bathing, on their own “private” section of boulder, and folks like me, checking out pools of water in the area once used as a water-collection spot for the fire watch crew.




Throughout nature, living creatures seek companionship.  Look closely, and you will see two butterflies.


On the way down, along Trail # 9, I came across an injured man, whose party had already requested medical assistance.  The dangers of heat prostration cannot be minimized.  I was fortunate to have an abundance of water, on hand.  The Search and Rescue crew passed me, about a mile further down the trail.  They have some amazing equipment in this area.


Passing the westernmost boulders, at the base of Black Elk Peak, I bid the fair mountain thanks and farewell.


Thus ended this phase of my spiritual quest.  It brought me in touch with myself, forced me to confront my darker places, and helped cleanse those areas.  My focus now was on crossing the prairie, to Pipestone National Monument, in southwest Minnesota.

10 thoughts on “Black Elk Peak, Segment III: Playtime on the Summit, then Back Down

  1. Because of the font your theme uses, it looks like the title of the blog is Harney Peak, part JJJ. No matter, it’s just an observation. The peak looks like a great place to commune with whatever is out there.


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