From Home to Home and Back, Days 4-5: Blazing Along to A Bustling Farm

I left Memphis and headed east, along I-40, at a serious clip, stopping only to stretch and keep track of some communications that were important to me.  One stretch stop was Parker’s Crossroads, west of Nashville.



I drove around a bit in Nashville, but disquiet kept me going.  I did stop, briefly, at Crossville, to check my messages at a community college, and was reassured that all was well, with a few very important people.  Knoxville, Bristol, Radford, Roanoke and Harrisonburg came and went.  I stopped in Staunton, where Sleep Inn and Rubber Ducky awaited.


Thus, Day 4 of my current journey came to an end.

The next morning dawned cool and wet- no Shenandoah trek on Day 5, as my FB friends may recall.

I kept on going, to Lebanon, PA,


to meet the first pair of friends, and the first of two back-to-back meals, at The Gin Mill.

Here are Sandra and Natalie.



I had an hour or so of pleasant conversation with these two ladies, then headed south a bit, to Oley, PA and Glick Farm.


The meal, prepared by Beth, consisted of Caprese Salad, Wax Beans/Ham and Potato Casserole/Homemade Root Beer.

SAM_6461  SAM_6462


After dinner, we took a ride to Oley’s covered bridges.  One of them was sufficiently in light to be photographed.


I was fortunate to have a nice country bed in which to rest the night.  Day 5 was quite the fine one.

15 thoughts on “From Home to Home and Back, Days 4-5: Blazing Along to A Bustling Farm

  1. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you! I think that hour went too fast, LOL. I’d love to spend more time with you next time you’re in the state and have some time. Lebanon is a nice city. The whole county is nice actually. I’d love to show you more of Lebanon sometime. I need to make a trip to Oley just for that covered bridge, LOL. I know someone who would love that! I hope to see you again. You’re a beautiful person inside and out. Blessings! ❤


    • There is so much beauty in PA. I am sure Beth would love to see you, Sandra. Her poinsettias are a lovely reason to visit, as well. I felt a lot of energy in Lebanon, as well as in other parts of the state. You are also a lovely person, and a great friend.


      • Pennsylvania is indeed beautiful. Yeah, it would be nice to meet Beth. I love poinsettias! I am sure you did feel energy in Lebanon and other areas. I’d also like to go visit The Poconos. If you’ve never been there, it’s worth a trip! My mother loved it there. Since you like nature and the outdoors so much, I think you’d enjoy it. Thank you for your kind words and lovely friendship! ❤


  2. I hear about Nashville only on TV or the magazines. But it must have been nice to visit all these places and meet friends. Is Nathalie, the Xanga’s “Naphtallie deer”? (I am sure I spelled the Naphtalli wrong)


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