Colorado Springs’ Seven Falls

Arizonans are justifiably proud of their Seven Falls, east of Tucson.  Coloradans are, with equal justification, proud of THEIR Seven Falls, south of Colorado Springs. lists the falls, like so:

“Seven Falls is made up of seven separate waterfalls which each have their own name.

1) Ramona Falls-this one is named after Helen Hunt Jackson’s book “Ramona”.

2) Feather Falls-this one is named for the way it looks.

3) Bridal Veil Falls-yes, because it looks like a bridal veil.

4) Shorty Falls-you guessed it: because of its short drop.

5) Hull Falls-this one is named after the 1880s owner of the falls.

6) Weimer Falls-Weimer was the name of the second owner of Seven Falls.

7) Hill Falls-and last but not least, Hill is the name of the current owners of this seven tiered waterfall.”

The falls may be reached by climbing up two sets of stairs, or by taking an elevator up the first elevation change, and taking the steps up the other set.  First, here are a few views of the mountain, down which Cheyenne Creek flows, creating the falls.








Here are some views of the stairs, followed by the falls themselves.









In the next post of this series, we will look at the trails above the falls.

11 thoughts on “Colorado Springs’ Seven Falls

  1. That’s another beautiful place, Gary — what an interesting incidence (coincidence) of repetition of sevens. In Hawaii, it’s the 7 sacred pools of Maui, where the water runs down through 7 pools to the sea.


    • Some day, I will get to Maui. I think every number has some spiritual significance. BTW: Looks like I will be in SoCal during Thanksgiving, as my son won’t get leave and T-day is also my birthday. It’ll be my last chance to see him , before he embarks on a seven-month (that # again) deployment.


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