From Home to Home, and Back, Day 24: An Ides of September Meander

I woke up in Danbury, CT on September 15, and, seeing no place open for a Sunday morning breakfast, picked up coffee and a muffin at the Gulf station, and headed out.  Northwest Connecticut and the lower Hudson Valley got short shrift this time, as I needed to make it to Pompton Plains, NJ by 11:30, to see the folks at my FIL’s hospital room.

As it happened, the nation’s Prisoners of War were being honoured at High Point, NJ, not far from Pompton, so I spent about twenty minutes there.  High Point is New Jersey’s- highest point. LOL.




I spent about 45 minutes in Pompton, and, satisfied that Pops would be getting out of the hospital the next day, I made a beeline for Philadelphia, and Chestnut Hill’s Wissahickon Park, where I met my youngest niece and her friend, and enjoyed a light supper, amid salubrious surroundings.





Leaving Philly, I passed through Germantown.


Day’s end found me in more familiar surroundings- Glick Farm, for a good night’s rest.


Such were my Sunday meanderings- on the way to Gettysburg.

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