From Home to Home and Back, Day 29: The Mists of Little Rock

I spent a rather mild, but rainy and misty day, the last day of summer- September 20, taking in more of the loveliness along the Arkansas River, in the River Market area of Little Rock.   About an hour and thirty minutes were also spent reliving the Clinton years, at the 42nd President’s Library and Museum.  Those were fine years for my wife, son and me.  They were, like Bill himself, a mixed blessing for the country.

Little Rock sometimes gets a bad rap, but my two visits there were very pleasant, and I would like to see more mid-sized cities emulate a locale like the River Market.  I had a very cozy two hours, sitting in the warmth of Boulevard Bread Company.


Later in the afternoon, I enjoyed the larger food court.  It’s a mini- Quincy Market.


My first rainy day adventure was visiting the Central Arkansas Nature Center.



It has some things that could figure in one of my nightmares- if I ever have nightmares.


Still think turtles make cute pets?

I next took a walk along a section of the River Trail that I had missed last time.




At the eastern end of  this fine park, a small botanic garden separates it from the freeway.



Here is where I thought further of my Little Rock friend, Reilly.


The route to the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Library follows this boardwalk.


The clean-up along the banks of the Arkansas River includes this unique device.



Many hard-working people of the soil have kept the faith, and kept places like Arkansas going.


Here are some scenes of the Clinton Presidential Center.  This is the table from the Cabinet Room.


Another table served dignitaries at State Dinners.


One such visitor presented the Clintons with this unique piece d’art.


Here is Mr. Clinton’s desk from the Oval Office.


The view from the third floor offers a new perspective on the timeline.


Inside looking out also gave me pause.


So, also, did looking back at the complex, afterward.



Little Rock is worth discovering.

So, too, is east Texas, and I found a bit of it to my liking, on the first day of autumn.

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