From Home to Home, and Back, Day 31: Lake Texoma

Getting from Cleburne to Lake Texoma took much of the afternoon.  I spent an hour or so, driving around the northern and eastern edges of the man-made gem that lies along the state line of Texas and Oklahoma.  First stop was the Love County Courthouse, in Marietta, OK.


Next were the lake, and its awesome truss bridge.


A crane took a lazy wade in the lake’s northeastern corner.


In the midst of intense fishing and swimming activity, I managed some sanguine shots from the eastern shore.



The Roosevelt Memorial Bridge may not win any beauty contests, but it gets the job done well.



Here’s a final view, from the western edge.


I didn’t stop long in Oklahoma City, and got into Enid, and a cozy couch, at 8:30, so the photo day was done.

12 thoughts on “From Home to Home, and Back, Day 31: Lake Texoma

  1. Pretty lake, but like lakes all over the region, it looks very low! They got some rain up there over the weekend (lightening caused a three hour delay in the UT/TCU fottball game), so that should help.


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