Sedona’s Chuckwagon Trail

As with all things Sedona, this aptly-named trail, opened a few months ago, is a feast for the eyes.  The “Chuck” is a loop trail, of about 3 miles.  Yesterday, I took the segment that links with Devil’s Bridge Trail, so as to go up to Vultee Arch and get up close to that marvel of nature, also called Devil’s Bridge.

It is a moderate hike, in my estimation, not requiring much effort for most of the way- but asking the hiker to use caution on the final ascent to the Arch, as well as on the descent.  Along the way, much attention was focused on three rock climbers , perched on the south face of Mescal Mountain, across the canyon to the north.

Here are several shots of the Chuck, and of Vultee Arch.  First, is the Dry Creek Road Parking area.


I took the segment of Chuckwagon that went towards the Bridge.


The route to the Bridge goes east, through the scrub of the southern Great Basin, across Dry Creek (which actually had pockets of water, here and there) and back south a bit, to the Devils Bridge parking area ( a small dirt lot), off the four-wheel drive-only road.

Here, we can see the north section of Capitol Butte, which is home to the arch.


Mescal Mountain and Doe Mountain are visible to the north.


The trail is very easy here.


True to form, I found not one, but three, heart-shaped rocks along the trail.




There are riparian pockets along the way.




One can see the arch from a fair distance, once on the Devils Bridge Trail.  That trail is about a mile long.


The view from the sandstone bench, southwest of the bridge, is also worth the short climb.



Here is an interesting sandstone “slice”, near the Devils Bridge Trailhead parking lot.


Finally, on the bridge itself, is an example of “Boys will be boys”.


I find myself feeling best, when on the trail, whether surrounded by throngs or in isolation.  Hiking is one of the few things I haven’t messed up.  Besides, it keeps me healthy.

10 thoughts on “Sedona’s Chuckwagon Trail

  1. This looks like a lovely place — I’ll say more when I return home and can see the photos properly, rather than on a computer which darkens photos almost to invisibility!


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