Tucson’s Seven Falls- Part 2, Upper Bear Canyon

The upper part of Bear Canyon features the last two creek crossings, then takes one up a moderate switchback and along a ledge trail, for the 2/3 mile remaining to Seven Falls themselves.  I found a few families returning from the Falls and at least one hiker looking exhausted.  Somehow, though, I did not get the feeling I was about to share his fate.





The striations on the boulders increase with the level of water activity, indicating heavier mineral deposits upstream.


Here is a look westward, back at Bear Canyon.


The wispy cloud rising up reminded me of Penny.  There has not been a time that she has been more missed than right now.


Heart-shaped rocks always seem to pop up, when I start to get a bit down-hearted.  Guess it’s a message that I can get  over whatever is weighing me down.  This lovely canyon was just the right place, on that day.


Next:  Seven Falls themselves

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