The Daily Bruin: Volume 1, Issues 1-2, February 1-2, 2014

This is an incentive for me to get my thoughts down, on a more regular basis.  I did this, for a brief period, on Xanga, when I wrote using the name “Cyberbear”.  

This series of posts will be broken down by categorical subtitles.  Most will be shared on Xanga 2.0 and on Facebook.

Social/Interpersonal- I have arrived, at the point in my life, where I count people of all ages, both genders, all sexual orientations and any other category, except perverts and megalomaniacs, among my friends.  There are, among my closest friends, five women- none of whom regards me, in the least, as a romantic interest.  I would take a bullet for any of them.  There is also a person, far away, who does not like me in the least.  I regard her as the salt of the Earth, and would take a bullet for her as well.  There are well over five thousand people whom I have met, and befriended, at one time or another.  I would stand for them, too.  None of this makes me a saint; it just makes me human- as do the mistakes I have made.

My son is in the U. S. Navy.  He has spent the past week performing an essential task for his unit.  My son works very hard.

My mother recently went through a tough experience. She came out of it okay, because she is exactly what she taught us to be- self-reliant, reflective and resilient.

Community- This afternoon, I joined a small group of American Legionnaires, at our post in Prescott.  We observed Four Chaplains Day- which actually falls on February 3.  The story of the Four Chaplains may be found here:

Health and Wellness-  Saturday, I hiked the northernmost section of Black Canyon National Recreation Trail.  It took me from Hwy. 69, near Mayer, AZ to a point 3.6 miles further northeast, near Copper Mountain.  A separate post, with photographs, is featured on this website.

This afternoon, one of my aforementioned friends hosted a wellness party.  She offers a wide variety of products, based on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. I’m using a set of their products, as daily vitamin supplements , and feel a difference in my energy level after only two days.  In my case, I am not feeling the urge to nap after lunch-as I had been doing for nearly three years.  I also didn’t feel the need to rest as often, during my hike.  I will be glad to share information on these products with anyone who asks.

I am an omnivore, who is gradually phasing out meat.  I have the personal need, when eating meat, to thank the spirit of the animal who sacrificed itself.  This will probably drive committed vegetarians bonkers, but my Native American ancestors did so, for thousands of years.  My problem, though, is that I don’t like to patronize those who use torture, brute force or hideously filthy animal husbandry methods, in providing meat for the market.  One of the finest men for whom I ever worked, Mr. Fred Cole, said meat must be clean, free of disease, at all stages of the food preparation process- from husbandry to the table.  Dairy is an academic matter.  Healthy calves and goat kids ought to be able to co-exist with those who enjoy yogurt, butter, cheese, ice cream and, to the extent necessary, milk.  We don’t need that much, per person, so there is no need for the maltreatment or starvation of animal babies.

Spirit-   I am a Baha’i.  Here’s a quote from Baha’u’llah, Who founded our Faith in 1863.

O BRETHREN! Be forbearing one with another and set not your affections on things below. Pride not yourselves in your glory, and be not ashamed of abasement. By My beauty! I have created all things from dust, and to dust will I return them again.

Bahá’u’lláh, The Persian Hidden Words, no. 48

These are just some thoughts that have been building in my head, of late.  I will be back with more, tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Bruin: Volume 1, Issues 1-2, February 1-2, 2014

  1. You can’t abide a megalomaniac, yet you put your faith in a guy who says, “I have created all things from dust, and to dust I will return them?” It is such inconsistencies as this that makes me feel the way I do about religion. I’ll never understand it.


    • Far more than “a guy”, Baha’u’llah endured sufferings far worse than anyone alive today can imagine. He is reflecting the Way of the Universe, more than speaking of His own particular, personal abilities. The forces of nature bring us all into this world, and reduce us to dust, or ash, when it’s time for us to move on to another level. Mere mortals have no power over others.


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