Trailheads and Paths: Volume 1, Issue 1

All my life, I’ve been a nomad of sorts.  I have preferred walking to just about any form of transport.  Nothing wrong with bikes, cars and planes, mind you, but I’ve never been in much of an all-fire hurry, and prefer intimacy to the furtive glance.

I’ve had to wait on this, as my laptop needed a new hard drive and I still, after getting it back yesterday, had to research how to remove pesky virus-mongers, like Conduit, from my Google page.  SUCCESS!  I just went into the settings on Google and removed each specific page by clicking an X.

Now, back to the concept of trailheads and paths.  Every endeavour we embrace involves a path, of one kind or another.  Our mental processes, our prayers, all our work and leisure- entail planning and effort, the stuff of any journey.

So, as I have to make this entry brief, embarking shortly for Phoenix, picking up a U-Haul, loading some furniture, and heading for the Denver area, I will make one promise:  All my journeys henceforth will be shared under this title, with some throwbacks to sojourns gone by, every now and then.

Have a safe Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Trailheads and Paths: Volume 1, Issue 1

  1. As you stand at the trailhead of a new journey, I hope you know that my love goes with you.

    You’re awesome Garebear 🙂


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