Trailheads and Paths, Issue 3: The Moving Chronicles

From March 13-18, my world was all about moving out of my in-laws’ former house and into my one-bedroom apartment.  It’s closer to downtown Prescott, which suits me awesomely.  At 63, it’s way past time for me to be on my own, and live accordingly.  The folks are safely in an Assisted Living quarters of their own, and don’t need the weight of property ownership.

Anyway, here is a day-by-day recap of the proceedings:

March 13-  The focus today was on furniture.  With help from one friend, I got the big stuff across town, in 5 trips.  The biggest deal was getting the sofa part of the rollaway bed into my new living room.  It helped to take the feet off the sofa and the front door off its hinges.  All went back on very nicely, though.  I was fortunate to have energy for two evening meetings.

March 14- I was focused on getting most of the remaining items out, and needed help from two other friends, to make it happen.  At the end of the day, my new place was piled high with stuff, about 20 % of which found its way to Steppingstones and the DAV Thrift store.  Big furniture items went to Habitat for Humanity, and the new owners of the house bought other items.  After a rejuvenating fish fry and salad/soup bar dinner, I was able to put all of my clothes away properly.

March 15- This was a hiatus.  I spent the day, with a friend and mentor, attending a gathering in Phoenix, for purveyors of  Essential Oils.  If you need certified organic natural oils and products made with them, this is the place to go.  I can get anyone who wants these items, pointed in the right direction.  Anyway, it was a diversion, and time well spent, except for a poorly-served meal at Steve’s Greenhouse Grill, where the server threw some forks into a utensil vase at our table and sullenly tossed extra napkins on the table.  Seriously, it’s not even hot yet.

March 16- Back to business, I got the cleaning done in the house, and all remaining items out of the house proper, or so I thought.  The afternoon was focused on two previously-scheduled meetings, one for the American Legion and another for a wellness presentation.  Good thing I attended the latter, as a feisty and well-read man who attended was grateful for my presence.   The cleaning at the old house resumed at 6 PM, and I carried on until 11 PM.

March 17- I moved the rest of my stuff out of the garage, tidied it up,  filled the nail and tack holes in the walls,pulled the weeds in the back yard and made several trips to the thrift store drop-offs.  I was feeling a sense of accomplishment at dropping off the keys to the old house, at the Realty office.

March 18- The carpet cleaner came and spent several hours making the old look like new.  It was the most expensive part of the move, but the place finally looked presentable, in toto.  I also took two cabinets worth of kitchen items, which I had overlooked, to the thrift store.  NOW, everything was done!  I have downsized, and will live more simply, at least when I’m in Prescott.

NEXT UP:  Seeing son off

6 thoughts on “Trailheads and Paths, Issue 3: The Moving Chronicles

  1. I hope you’ll be able to settle in to this place nicely, Gary, though I do often say that people should move every 5 years just so so as not to collect more stuff than can be easily moved! Downsizing can be difficult, and you seem to have done a good job of it!


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