I have a propensity for watching TV shows and films which have a dystopian theme:  Revolution, The Black List, Person of Interest, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Divergent, Ender’s Game.  I mainly like to see how the protagonists solve their dilemmas, though in too many cases, the choice is “Blam, Blam”.  Revolution got old, and formulaic, so it’ll be consigned to Hulu after one last episode.

Dystopia, the collapse of all we know and either love or hate, the primal turn to either a Lord of the Flies mentality, a Glengarry, Glenross or 1984 mindset, or both, seems to be much on everyone’s mind.  Despite my fascination with these shows, however, I don’t see an actual, full-blown dystopia as the long-term wave of the future.  Yes, we may very well endure a stretch of trials and tribulations, which won’t lend themselves to a quick return to “Business as Usual”, but I believe there will emerge something far better.

People are bound to notice that there are those who are building a better, more organized and less officious civilization from whatever ashes to which the old systems lead.  Some won’t want anything to do with it, but most will, over a period of decades.  I have had several iterations of my own life, in which, as Baha’u’llah, Founder of the Baha’i Faith wrote “Poverty is followed by riches, and riches are followed by poverty…” His meaning is that material possessions come and go, but He is emphatic in saying that we will always have what we need.

With Paul Simon, in “Peace Like a River”,  I see a glorious Day.

8 thoughts on “Dystopia

    • That is most likely, given that so many think that, just because there has been widespread suffering, we ought to just throw up our hands. Things could very well get far worse, but they will, eventually get better, beyond anything the naysayers can imagine right now.


    • I tend to look past the simple stuff, and the complicated stuff while I’m at it. There was a time when I felt hopeless, yet here I still am, and things are getting slowly better.


  1. We will always have what we need? That sounds rather pollyanna-like. I suppose it depends on what you think we need. There have been quite a few periods in history when thousands and even milions ofpeope have died for lack of what they needed, such as food and medicine; God’s employees tortured and murdered at will during the very evil Inqisition. Instead of “we’ll always have what we need,” maybe we should think in terms of, “we have what we have, and we should make the best of it.”


    • Nobody said this life was going to be in any way easy, 24/7. Evil takes root when too many people are self-centered. My life hasn’t been a bowl of cherries, either, but yes- “if we make the best of what we have”, often things get better on top of that foundation. A good life is hard work.


    • The Black List is somewhat darker than Person of Interest, and has the FBI basically under siege, off and on, by international terrorists. One man has the connections which help the Feds end up one step ahead of the game.


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