September Musings

September 1, 2014, Prescott-  This is one of two breaks from my travel-oriented posts, which I will post today.  I will also post two travel-oriented posts, so there is a balance.

Today, being Labor Day in the U.S., I found there was much going on down in Courthouse Square, mainly in the form of vendors selling food, music and art.  I picked up a pair of moccasins, at a bargain price, which would have made my late friend, Mike, very proud.  I also had salad and pizza at Bill’s, one of six excellent pizzerias within walking distance of my home.

As always happens on the first of the month, I thought out what was ahead, in September.  My mother, and two siblings, have birthdays this month, and the 30th would have been Penny’s 60th birthday.  I have a Red Cross walk, in Tempe, this coming weekend.  There are anniversaries (passages of YEARS, not MONTHS or WEEKS) coming on the 13th, followed by Empty Bowls on the 14th.  A business convention will find me in Salt Lake City on Sept. 18-20th, with a day’s drive on either end.   The following weekend is- unbooked.

Here in the north, September brings the autumnal equinox, a symbol of harvest, of fruition.  Down Under, there is the vernal equinox, a symbol of beginnings, of new life.  I tend to begin to take stock of things in September, and even more so in November/ December, the time of both my personal new year, and of the Gregorian end of year.  A year ago, I was re-learning what love was and was not.  Now, I am under no illusions and live behind no veils.  The love of my life is still very present with me, spiritually.  It is not necessary for me to seek anyone else.  That’s a good thing, because I am, at 63, no one else’s idea of a bargain.

Next month, I will be meeting my son and his ship, in a transitory port, and sailing with them to their home port. This will be my longest time in a sailing vessel, but my spatial needs have always been minimal, so it’ll go well.  September and its little sister, October, always seem to bring surprises with them, so maybe a whale or two will show up alongside the bow of the ship.

9 thoughts on “September Musings

      • Hi, Gary —

        I hope that I’ll be at home when you come to Orange County in October — I have to be in Santa Barbara for a week or so to visit with my sister. She’ll be there from the 1st to the 20th, and I expect to be there roughly from the 6th to the 13th. Please let me know when your plans come together.



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