The Road to 65, Mile 4: Standing Up versus Caving In

December 2, 2014, Prescott-  One of the things that happens, as one gets on in years, is that what the rich and powerful say and think becomes less and less important, unless of course one happens to be rich and powerful.

Being of common stock, I find it easier to speak up, on behalf of those who have been, and are still being, shoved to the sidelines.  This evening, our local school board decided that it was more to THEIR advantage to close two schools, and start preparing the grounds on which they sit for sale, than to hold on to $500,000 in non-transferable grant money.

I wrote last night about the lure of the dollar.  There is another lure at play, in many communities:  Dominance over the masses.  Here in Prescott, it is wealthy, often politically liberal, elitists who are more than glad to disregard the well-being of the “lower classes”, when there is money to be made.  A recent article about a community in the Bay Area shows a similar process at work.  Then, there is Chicago, where an arrogant elite attempted to close several schools,  a few years back, again with an eye towards cashing in on development.

I stay away from strictly partisan politics, both for religious reasons and because it happens that members of one party are as bad, if not worse, when money changing hands is at stake, than members of the other.  I also don’t regard it as strictly a Race Card issue, though that can enter into the picture, when the elite are of one group and the disadvantaged are mostly of another.  I have seen plenty of White on White repressive actions, though.  Members of the Tea Party are often bona fide recipients of economic and class snobbery.  One particularly repugnant “social service” provider in the Phoenix area, about five years ago, referred to its clients as “recipients”.  The heavy-handed treatment they received was a prime example of the arrogance of power.

This is how it is, whenever the people most-affected by a decision are shunted to the side, to make way for the bulldozers and the bankers.  It’s by no means a “white” problem, either.  Asian and Middle Eastern magnates excel at pushing the multitudes out of the way, when it’s convenient.

So, while I will continue to stand by the children of all neighbourhoods in Prescott, and wherever I find myself in the days and months ahead, I will also keep encouraging them, as well as their parents, to keep informed, to stay vigilant and to stay active.  It’s very important for those of all targeted groups:  Lower and Middle Class Whites, Hispanics, Blacks, Native Americans and Asians, to take matters into their own hands and resist, peacefully but persistently, the web of control that is being woven daily, for the benefit of a small group of opportunists. The first thing to be resisted is the “Divide and rule” mentality.  We who stand together cannot be moved against our will.  We who cave, who knuckle under, cannot move at all, of our own will.

3 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 4: Standing Up versus Caving In

      • I agree. We have emerged before. If the upper crust keeps squeezing and reducing the size of the middle class it is inevitable. A large, content middle class is the stabilizing force n this society. The 1% knows this. I don’t know what they are playing at but the pot will bowl over soon.


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