The Road to 65, Mile 11: Getting Organized

December 9, 2014, Prescott- This date used to be one of the last serious work days, before things got TOTALLY CHRISTMAS.  That was when I was young and naive.  As a Baha’i, I still get into the spirit of the season, though.  My family and Christian friends, and their joys, still matter greatly.  So, I still send greeting cards, some with gift cards inserted.  I enjoy the holiday sounds and feel the magic of the day itself, knowing that it has Wiccan roots, which themselves celebrate bounty and blessings.  It is as good a time as any to honour Christ, and all He has brought to the world.

All the Messengers of God have brought the rudiments of organized worship to Their followers, and have left it to those followers to carry on the Mission of the Faith, through organizations which meet their needs.  That many have gone overboard, or astray, in the fullness of time, does not make the need for humans to be organized any less urgent.

In my own life, the difficulties I’ve had in accomplishment and in delivery of my promises, have all arisen from lack of organization.  My recent entry into the world of wellness advocacy has made getting more organized, on a daily basis, and according to the type of day ahead of me (Working, Non-working but in-town, On the road), much more imperative.  So, that was today’s main focus, along with updating my generic resume.

I also spent some time with a colleague, discussing a possible re-entry into the work force, in mid-February, after I return from visiting family and friends in the South.  This would radically alter my daily life, so it is not being considered capriciously.  Details will be shared at the proper time. Whatever transpires, I will remain in disciplined organization mode, from one day to the next.

9 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 11: Getting Organized

  1. Things are as Christmas here as they will get — I’ll be away for the holidays. Don’t think I have your mailing address for a card — please e-mail me! Good luck with the idea of working again!


      • Yes — it will be a quiet two weeks of celebration — Christmas, my b’day, and New Years! Once I make the drive, there really aren’t good windows to come home until after New Years Day! There are few restaurants open on Christmas, so we’ll probably do some nice dinner that day, and celebrate by eating out another day. We may go exploring a little, and will simply relax too! New Years Eve will be an early evening, and there will likely be parade and football games to watch on the first!


  2. Would it be easy to give up your travel? You seem to enjoy the exploration. I know you will consider everything before making a decision. I wish you well as you consider the proposition.


  3. Sounds good, Gary! Organization is something I lack right now, because it is the antithesis of procrastination. There are papers to organize in my home, and I have all the tools–file cabinet, file folders, storage space–but I am more motivated to read FB or read a book rather than take care of business. When I worked full time, I had to be organized at the job. Now the challenge is to remember what worked and what didn’t at my jobs and implement a strategy of cleaning up all the loose ends. Thanks for the topic!


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