The Road to 65, Mile 14: A Few Thoughts on Water

December 12, 2014, Prescott-  At long last, virtually the entire North American Pacific coast, from Anchorage to Ensenada, was getting a taste of intense moisture, yesterday and today.  The interior will start to get it tomorrow.  This makes me glad for some of the coastal places, dear to my heart, which have suffered, to some degree, from a lengthy drought:  San Diego, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and for those, like Bandon, Portland, Kalaloch and Seattle, that do get rain frequently, but can’t go too long without moisture- because of their ecosystems.

We in the Colorado River watershed have come upon the ingenious idea of using our precious reservoir, Lake Mead, to- STORE WATER!  Those who have gone to Las Vegas over the years can attest to the fact that this western of the two great river-lakes derived from the Colorado has come into grave danger of turning into a dust basin.  Let’s now see who is serious about the conservation effort.

There has been considerable talk, over the years, but more lately, about the efficacy of fluoridation of water and toothpaste.  It’s now common knowledge that fluoride is a waste product of coal production, in some parts of the world.  I have been scolded by chemical advocates for my own advocacy of filtering out fluoride, as well as lead, arsenic and selenium.  It’s true that we can’t be perfect in our filtering, but we can come close.  Perfection does not have to be the enemy of the good.

All in all, though, water is as good a beverage as any, unless one is a barkeep working for tips- in which case, making a sour face and getting brusque with water drinkers  may be sorely tempting, but remains counter productive.

2 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 14: A Few Thoughts on Water

  1. I hope that Lake Mead will benefit from this rain — I understand that it is in about the same stage of dry as Santa Barbara’s Lake Cachuma. I hope the people using the Colorado River water (including Southern California) will be serious about water conservation going forward. We, too, are expecting more rain beginning on Monday, and lasting for several days. We’ve been cautioned to remember 2010, when we had a lot of rain in late December, and then none for 6 months or more!


    • That could very well repeat itself, Janet. I, too, hope for a wet winter, and with lots of snowpack. Southern California is one of the entities which is contributing water allowance to the Lake Mead effort, along with Arizona, Nevada and Utah.


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