The Road to 65, Mile 89: Coercion

February 25, 2015, Prescott-   Only unsettled people coerce others to do what is not needed.  I am getting angry e-mails from the Democrats, yelling about how they don’t see my name among the contributors.  They  won’t, and neither will any other political party.

I get snipped at for not doing Faith-based activities the way the complainant would.  I won’t, either, unless I see the need for it.

A person I am helping wants the assistance to be done in one way, and one way only.  That can be done, as long as my good name is not put in jeopardy and as long as the assistance doesn’t put everything else I am trying to do in jeopardy of neglect.

Coercion, next to betrayal, is the biggest killer of friendships, and other positive relationships.

9 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 89: Coercion

  1. Your first line was absolutely correct. I hate when these party’s expect you to donate, when you don’t want to. I am getting calls here daily from the Conservatives, asking for a donation of $200.00. And I have always told them I cannot, because I don’t have. But they still call and bug me, so now the moment I here who it is, I hang up the phone.


  2. We’ve never gotten bug to donate any money to political parties. But, when election time comes around, my house gets tons of calls from Republicans wanting us to vote for them.

    And I don’t know if you got the email or not, but thank you for the donation, Gary. We really appreciate it.


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