The Road to 65, Mile 93: Fun and Games

March 1, 2015, Prescott- The most tempestuous month of the year dawned, much like a lion, with rain all day and a hint that snow might be in the offing later on.  Of course, what we get here in Arizona pales compared with what has befallen the eastern two-thirds of the country, over the past three months.  Our washes are rushing at capacity, and some roads are closed as a result.  Still, I am on the Red Cross Watch Team, and have not received a call to action, as yet this weekend.

March is also a time when I get the bad news on the tax front, but at least I have five weeks to pony up.  There are always consequences to fun and games, such as my long journeys abroad last year.  This year will have to be toned down, a lot, and more time spent around the home area, hardly a bad thing when home is within the parameters of the Southwest.

What one does for fun does not have to be cleared with anyone else, so long as nobody else is getting hurt and the cost of the enjoyment doesn’t fall on anyone else’s shoulders- sort of a corollary to the whole thing about choices.  I love the outdoors, so being on a trail somewhere is my ideal relaxation.  I also enjoy gatherings of friends or family.  Others, as I hinted, are well-entitled to do whatever they wish, for as long as they wish.

I say this because we seem to have entered a time when people feel they must justify everything they do, in the face of criticism, real or perceived.  There will always be those of different mindsets.  They will often express their opinions, and usually at a time when one feels vulnerable.  I can only say, keep on with what you are doing, and pay your naysayers no mind.  That is, unless those naysayers are your dependents, or your significant other, and they have needs that may interrupt the joy of the moment.

Life is short, regardless of its actual span, so I hope all will keep plenty of time for your relaxation of choice.

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