The Road to 65, Mile 110: A Million Miles

March 18, 2015, Prescott-  Donald Miller, in “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years”, essentially outlines a game plan for moving away from the blame game, by which people simultaneously sabotage their personal and professional lives and cast all blame for their situations on anyone but themselves.

I spent  twelve years of my life, 1998-2010, in this sort of tailspin.  Jeff Olson, in “The Slight Edge”, points out that energy can either work FOR or AGAINST a person, depending on how the individual chooses to set course.  Seeing what damage I did to myself, and what a confusing example I set for my son, by blaming “the politicians”, “the enemies of the people” and “my ill-wishers” for my own lack of delivery, both personally and professionally.  The fact is, I knew HOW to deliver on my promises, but the WHY was inconsistent.  One must have a “WHY”, in order to bring about what one’s words say will happen.  Then, the “HOW” must be put into consistent practice.

I spent today delivering- establishing solid contact with the leaders of two alternative charter schools in our area, both of which have proven track records, and talking this evening with a person who would be regarded among East Coast business professionals as a “High Marker”, a successful businessman here in Prescott, who expressed interest in my Essential Oils endeavours.  Of course, these are baby steps, and someone like Donald Miller, Jeff Olson or Franklin Covey would admonish not to get distracted or giddy with excitement.  The next steps must always be anticipated, and taken in a state of awareness.

So, this wondrous Wednesday, at a time in March that has so often been tiresome and challenging in years past, now brings the aura of progress.

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